Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Update

Hi All -
As promised, I am sending a weekly update.

So many great things happening over on twitter. If you're new to the publishing world, you really should start tweeting. There are a lot of agents, editors, authors, book sellers and so much more handing out free advice and words of encouragement.

I've recently discovered google reader, seriously the best thing ever! I struggled to keep up with all the blogs I subscribe to and many of them do not offer email updates. But google reader puts all your blogs in one, easy to manage, location. That got me thinking, there's got to be a blackberry app that will do the same thing. So I searched and found viigo. It's fantastic because you can load all your blogs straight from google reader.

Blogs are a lifeline these days. The publishing industry is currently in an upheaval. Things are changing, people are scared, others seem to embrace it, but no one knows for sure the outcome. Only time will tell. If you want to be a writer, you've got to know the industry. Read agent, editor and author blogs for helpful insight.

Next week's post will have links to new or useful information. But for now, there are plenty of links on the sidebar.

Have a happy weekend!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog update

I am still trying to figure this thing out, but I am definatley getting better.
I am going to start posting to my blog every Friday. The posts will usually be something useful to help other writers or perhaps links to other useful sites.
I'll try my hardest to be consistent!
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing with kids

There's a great post at QueryTracker about writing with kids. Check it out for some great suggestions to keep writing even while the kids are at home.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's officially done! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile now, but I was working hard on getting the novel finished. I have begun the query process and will soon start the next project. Debating on doing book two or something new...

I think before I commit myself to another writing project, I'm going to really focus on my blog. I have not been consistant, and I don't really know everything blogging. So I am going to try and learn more and then make it look nice and polished. Then I'll pick a day of the week to post consistantly.

Also need to work on getting people here to actually read what I write.
I am going to provide useful links and information for writers trying to break into the industry, just like me!

So here I go...working to build a platform like all the blogs and books I read say to do. Hope it works.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Got the manuscript back from the editor ;o) and working through the edits. Posted a rough draft of my query letter on the public slush pile, have a few scenes down on paper for book two, work part time, mother of two under the age of four, wife and trying to exercise. Trying to find time for everything is like trying to ride rollerblades on ice. Is can be done, but one wrong push of the foot and you're lunch for the road.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


I've gotten great feedback on my re-write. Yes it's from my father, but I'll take what I can get. Once I do the final edit I'll let some family members read it. I know they aren't the best for constructive feedback, but I'm still unsure of my writing so I'm taking it slow.
Anyone interested in writing should check out Nathan Bransford's @ blog it's insperational and informative.
In the creative, fun, musing part of book two!
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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've been on hiatus! But I have finished my novel. Running 116,000 word, its being currently being edited by my father. I'm going to start the query process but must admit I'm very nervous.
Oh well, its been fun & whatever happens, happens. So onto the next one right? Yay, I'm excited to get the muse juice flowing again.
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Monday, June 22, 2009


Another re-write is consuming my time. No I'm not finished and I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will be. When does a writer call their work finished? Should I just close the book & push it from my mind? I think I might have to, after this absolutely necessary re-write.
I am simultaneously reading the Twilight series, good stuff! On breaking dawn, only about 75-100 pages left. Very inspirational & educational.
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Friday, June 12, 2009


I have decided I am not finished with my novel. Starting back at chapter one and doing some major additions in the way of characterization and emotional content. Hope it only takes a couple weeks since its just adding stuff in.
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Travel to San Diego

This blog is not finished, I'm working on and will post before next week.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My muse, I call her Earl, came out last night. It was awesome, she was really on hit with descriptive and emotional words and I wrote a small scene for the sequel to Treandle. Though it kept me up until 12:30 in the morning, and I am suffering now, it was worth it. She has been mia for some time now while I edit Treandle and having her back re-motivated me.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Traveling to San Diego!

For my son's second birthday, we decided to go to San Diego. What better place than where my husband and I both grew up. I work for an airline, so we travel for free, my in-laws live there so we have a place to stay, and all my friends and sister still live there.
Preparing is a job that I do mostly, my husband works days and I work nights, but I find more time for these sorts of things. Not only do I need all the clothes and essentials for an extended trip, but we need toys and snacks to hopefully keep the kds happy. Now the airline I work for is awesome so we get free tv in every seat and all the snacks you want.
My Dad went with us and our flight left @ ten-twenty-five so we had to get up around six-thirty and leave around eight, early for my kids!
Luckily the plane was not full and we got a whole row to ourselves so we didn't disturb other passengers. I thought I'd be funny and stick my husband wit our two kids, both boys, one three and the other was turning two, on one side of the plane and I sat with my Dad on the other. Of course the three year old passes out ten minutes into the flight, but the other one want to see mommy. Really he wanted to run around the airplane.
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Friday, June 5, 2009


I just finished ready Twilight, in 2 days, and loved it. As I was reading, I hoped that my novel evokes as much emotion from the reader as it did. I want my readers to be emotional involved, to care about what happens to the characters, to feel their emotions. I don't know if the novel is there yet, but I vow to get it there, otherwise, what is the point?
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Monday, June 1, 2009


I finally finished all my re-writes and only have 6 chapters to edit, which is not nearly as involved as re-writing. I can't tell you how excited I am.
I can almost start submitting queries & I can actually take a break and have some much needed reading time. Finally going to read Twilight.
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Contest winner!

Congratulations Hannah! Because you were the only entry in my contest you get a roundtrip buddypass!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Only 2 chapters left to edit! Woohoo! During my tonsillectomy & then vacation, my personal deadline got pushed back. I will finish the last 2 chapters by Friday. Then I'll only have to do re-writes a few chapters from my editor aka pops.
The excitement is building! Then I can start submitting & relax for a few weeks while I finally get to READ! I've missed it so. Then onto the next project. The question is, should I work on book 2 of this series or a new project brewing in my head? Anyone offer a suggestion?
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Be the first to answer the following questions correctly within the comments & win:
1. In the blog My Bio - by Cyrilla Braulin, what happened to Cyrilla when she was four harvest seasons old to cause Julie and I to be inseparable?

2. In the blog Dream, what was I stuck in?

3. In my bog Query, what is the title of my novel & how many word is it?

4. Did I ever get around to blogging Muerek's bio?

5. What website is having a contest May 18 - June 5 for their 2nd anniversary.

p.s. Please help promote my website by putting a link on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
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Once again I'd like to remind everyone about the rules/restrictions of this contest.
You must be a follower of the blog to win. If you post a comment, you are agreeing to the following:
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7. Enjoy the flight!
This is for a 1 way buddypass, contest begins @ 5pm MST today.
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Monday, May 18, 2009


The contest will be held on Tuesday 5/26 beginning @ 5pm MST. There will be 5 questions pertaining to blogs I have posted about either my novel or other writing I have posted. The first person, who must be a follower of my blog, to correctly answer all 5 questions via the comments sections will win!
Any person who posts a comment to win the buddypass is agreeing to the following rules/regulations:
1. Buddypass travel is a space available, standby privilege. If there are open seats, they will be given to standby jetters based on a priority level.
2. There is a small segment fee, base on length of flight and taxes.
3. The buddypass user will act in a polite and courteous manner at all stages of travel to both JetBlue crewmembers and other customers.
4. The buddypass user agrees to clean up all trash from their row upon completion of travel.
5. If any problems occur you agree to contact me and I shall help resolve any issues.
6. If any of the rules are not followed you agree to suffer the rath of me.
7. Enjoy the flight!
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Check out this cool contest at

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi all -
I'm so sorry I've been on hiatus for so long, but the tonsillectomy/adenoinectomy has been brutal. I want to say I am feeling better but ever minute is different. I am trying to back off the pain meds because when I first started taking them I would really get messed, but not so much anymore. I'm afraid that's a sign that I'm getting use to them, and I don't want that.
The good news is I've lost 9lbs so far, yeah! The bad news is I've neglected my writing. I've just started my re-writes again, finished chapter 18 last night, hoping to do done by the end of the month.
The contest is still on, I promise! I want to do it when I can actually create some excitement about it. Right now I am blah. So please keep following, it will happen before the end of the month. Maybe a memorial day thing, that sounds good.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


I've been down for the count! This tonsillectomy has kicked my butt & I have done no writing or contest planning.
I'm sorry! I didn't think it would be this hard but I'm telling you, getting your tonsils removed sucks!
I promise to make up for lost time as soon as I am feeling better. I am sitting in bed with an ice pack on my neck and all I've eaten today is 2 popcicles and half a bowl of chicken broth. Once I start being able to function again I will announce the details of my contest.
I haven't even had the chance to finish my re-write! Horrible I know. But I'd like to feel better first, then bust ass finishing.
Thanks for your patience & for following my blog.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Just an update on the contest and everything else. I am trying to finish my novel and base the contest around its plot & characters. My progess keeps being impeded by my life as a mother & employee. I'm having my tonsils removed on May 6th so the novel should be done by then & I should be able to devote that free time to the contest.
I'll keep you updated, but plan on something around May 8th, just in time for mother's day!
Thanks for following my writing journey!
AJ Richardson
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Monday, April 20, 2009


I am devising a contest to celebrate the completion of my first novel. Details are still in the works, so stay tuned. 2 things are certain, you must be a follower of this blog & the grand prize is a one way buddypass.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I've decided to post my query since a few people have asked what my novel is about. The query is a quick, one page letter that describes the major plots and characters along with the obsticles in their way. Here is my first query:

When Cyrilla is sentenced to death for using her magic to help her one and only love, Muerek, she is ripped from her sheltered farm life and thrown into a powerful role that hasn’t been filled in two hundred seasons. Those with magic are living freely in Treandle, and if the King finds out, the peaceful island of Tribidor will once again breakout into civil war. Now Cyrilla must learn to cope with the overwhelming responsibilities of being High Speaker while struggling with the loss of Muerek. With the help of Lady Anarissa and Oren, Cyrilla learns to use her gift as she races to help prepare the city for imminent war.

Meanwhile, Muerek, whose love for Cyrilla is shattered by the discovery of her magic, embarks on a journey to discover the truth about those with the gift. After rescuing an innocent baby from a life of desolation, and saving a group of children sentenced to death by the king, Muerek discovers the truth about and the containment camps. His lifelong beliefs will forever be changed, ultimately deciding which side he will fight for.
Treandle, my first novel of 85,000 words, will take young adults on a girl’s journey to self-discovery and the struggles of two people in love in a world that forbids it. The scene will be set for a war that will resurrect a struggle two hundred harvest seasons old which will commence in book two.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muerek's bio

I've been horrible! I promised to have the bio done by Sunday & I didn't. I do have a reason, well a few actually.
Sick kids is the main reason but also Nathan Bransford is have a be an agent for a day on Monday 4/13. He is allowing people to submit query letters & anyone can read the queries & respond as an agent. I am going to submit my query as it will provide great feedback, granted he posts it on the blog.
I still need to finish my query if I want to submit it so that's what I've been working on.
Once I'm finished with that I will blog Muerek's bio.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Muerek's bio

I hope to blog my other main character's bio by Sunday. Tayt is very sick, yes again, and I'm not sure what day it will get done. Deadline is Sunday 4/5.
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Travel mamas

While I was at the write-a-thon, I met a lady named Colleen who is writing a book about traveling with kids. She has a website, which has a ton of great tips, ideas, photos and blogs. I am going to blog about my travel with Tayt and see if she'll link it to her website. I'll post an update soon.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I learned at the write-a-thon

So I'm sitting here, aggresively attacking what I hope is my final re-write, and meeting other writers. What am I learning, one might ask? Well it seems the common theme hear amongst those who have MFAs or extensive schooling in creative writing is, they no longer enjoy writing. So much of their time has been spent writing what teachers want, worrying about when something is due, and producing a powerful and strong thesis, that they no longer give the power of their mind to the muse.
My take, I'll stick with no schooling, continue to read and research, love the fact that ideas continue to flow, and flourish and thrive from writing!
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My Bio - by Cyrilla Braulin

Hi. My name is Cyrilla Braulin. I live on the far eastern boarder of Tearnoc with my parents who own a very large and prominent farm and mill. For the past eighteen harvest seasons, I have helped work the land, grind the grain, care for the animals and clean the barn and houses. My life, so far, has been one of hard labor and little interaction with other people, besides those that work on the farm. Not that I would not like to meet more people, but my parents have been very protective and sheltered me since the day I came into this world. My only friend is Julie. Her father is my father's most valued and trusted mill engineer and we have known each other since before I can remember. Julie is the only person, besides my parents, who I can confide in and share my inner most desires and fears with.
When I was about four harvest seasons old, I was out along the line of trees that blocked the main road from our farm. As I walked along by the only thing separating our private world on the farm from the rest of Tearnoc, enjoying the warm sun and smell of freshly ploughed dirt, I noticed a nest lying on the ground. A tiny baby bird sat inside, crying for its mother. My heart leaped up and into action immediately. I couldn't allow this poor, helpless bird to sit on the ground, endangered by the plethora of feet, both human and animal, and the tools of the farm. Tenderly I picked the nest up, coddled it for a moment and then lifted my arms to the sky, willing it back to where it belonged. Suddenly a gentle breeze encircled me, kissing my bare skin, as if thanking me for bringing it to life. Ever so slowly, the breeze lifted the nest, bird sitting quietly inside, and carried it up to a large branch high above. As I watched the baby return home so his mother could find him, a shrill scream ripped me from my elation. When I turned around, I found Maria starring at me, eyes wide with fright as her hands covered her mouth. It seemed she was trying to turn and run the other way, but fear kept her feet locked tightly in the dirt. Her scream began attracting attention of others on the farm.
Since the day I was born my parents taught me that those who command magic are feared and hated by those who do not. And though I was one of those who did, they loved me more than I would ever understand, but others would not be so kind if they found out about my gift. If someone discovered that I was able to wield the intangible ability, they would certainly turn me in to Lord Tearle and his Gekozen who would lock me away with the rest of the Verbannen in Treandle. Up until that day I had done such a good job of keeping my gift locked away, but somehow I let it slip out in plain view of any who wished to see.
To my sudden surprise, Julie came running up saying how amazing it was that the breeze had lifted the nest so carefully and place it back on the tree. "It must be some sort of act from the spirits!" were her exact words. I can still hear them, as if I am standing along the tree line, fear of being caught more real than any four harvest season old child could even fathom. Somehow what Julie said registered in Maria's frightened mind and it brought her back from the dark recesses of fear. The others who had gathered around began taking up Julie's story and suddenly what could have been my demise, turned out to be a sign from the spirits. They were saying that because the spirits chose to save a bird on the Braulin farm, that this season's harvest would be the best we ever had. It actually turned out to be true. From that sun cycle on, Julie and I have been inseparable. She knows about my magic, accepts it fully and we share secrets and desires that no one else, even my parents or her father are privy to.
Now my parents are wonderful, I love them dearly. They take care of me, give me everything I could ever need, make me work for what I want, taught me that it matters not what is on the outside, but what choices one makes when placed in situations of fear, social pressure and disappointment, that matter when choosing who you will be friends with. But, they have kept me from doing nearly everything a normal girl of eighteen harvests should have already done. Most girls my age have been married for some time now and have at one child. We never travel; the only place I have been to is to Lord Tearle's castle, and we only do that on rare occasions. I do not resent them for keeping me sheltered from others for I too fear greatly what would happen if my magic is discovered. But my life has been one of boredom and monotony. Every sun is the same, every season yet another in the long endless drone of my existence. My only outlet has been the Droman Forest which Julie and I adventure in regularly. When we were younger we would spend all sun cycle within its confines, pretending to live there and survive off what the forest provided to us. Now that we are older, there is not much time for such childish fun, but we still make it there when we can.
I have always been a shy and introverted person, fearing to open myself up to anyone, lest they discover what is hidden deep within. Most Verbannen are discovered at birth and locked away within the confines of the containment walls. I seem to be a bit of an anomaly, for I have been living, undetected, for eighteen harvests. But behind my shy, reserved exterior resides something only Julie, her father, and my parents know about. I feel a sense of power, strength and confidence that I want to explore and actually show to others, but my parents and my fear keep me from doing so. I desire more than anything to break free from my fear, live openly and happily amongst both gifted and non-gifted and be accepted by all. If I could have that one wish, I would be able to explore the feelings I keep buried beneath my shy and reserved façade. Well, one can wish right? If I didn't have a desire and wish then I wouldn't be human.
Oh, there is one thing that has happened, not really to me, but that I am taking upon myself to explore. There is a new man about Tearnoc. He has been riding past the farm for the past few sun cycles and since the first time I caught a glimpse of him, I knew there was something about him I had to discover. I have never been in love, or really even attracted to anyone because I have no social life, and my parents have always pushed away anyone that has tried to get to know me. They don't know I have been watching this man ride past the farm because they would be upset and scared. I haven't let him see me. Instead I hide up in a tree and observe his carefree, joyous face, the way he rides with such confidence and relaxation, the way he connects with his horse, his well formed, muscular body as it moves with the motion of the animal. When I am up there watching, I have feelings I know nothing about, wants no one has ever explained to me and such longing that has never existed before. I can not let him see me though. I know nothing about him, how would I explain to him that I posses the use of magic? He would turn me in for certain, though I have thought of ways to keep such knowledge from him. How unfair is that? To keep such monumental information from a person you care so much about. No, I would have to tell him. But I don't know why I even worry about it, its just a young girl dreaming of finally meeting someone she could love and spend her life with and in return he would accept and love her for exactly who she is. I don't think I will be so lucky to find someone like that. Its best if I just sit up in my tree, watching and dreaming, then let him go so he does not have to be involved in my deception. What does it matter, I have always had the ache in my heart for more love and companionship, I can continue on like that forever if it will keep me from being locked away.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cyrilla's bio

Today was a busy, eventful day. I took a plane ride with my 22 month old to San Diego. I will be at the blazing laptops write-a-thon tomorrow and will blog Cyrilla's bio then.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had a dream last night, this what the scene looked like:

A small circular lake sat buried below a four foot cliff wall surrounding the entire perimeter. Sporadic three foot holes lined the walls, some level with the top of the lake, others half way under, water rushing through them and down the dark unknown. An enormous waterfall fell from a large cliff ten feet away, but landed in the lake due to the height and force of its fall. It replenished the continous drain of water that leaked out through the holes. Vines and trees littered the land above the cliff.

There was no way out of the lake to the safe ground above.I finally gave into my only option and held on desperately to a small log found pushed up against the wall by the current. Taking a deep breath, praying for a safe journey and cursing my luck at being stuck in such a predicament, I pushed off from the rock wall. For a few minutes the current pushed my log in a frenzied circle and I began to think I would spend eternity spinning sickeningly round and round, trapped in the warm water. Finally, after I almost gave up on the harebrained idea, the current released me to my dire fate.

I like where this is going, to be continued...Wireless BlackBerry

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Friday's blog

On friday, Cyrilla (si-rilya), the protagonist in my young adult fantasy novel, will be blogging her bio. This will be her debut to the world and she hopes to create interest in the novel.
We hope you will read and spread the word.
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San Diego Writer's Ink Blazing Laptops Write-a-thon

This weekend I will be attending the San Diego Writer's Ink write-a-thon. If you are able to sponsor me, even just $10 or $20, I would greatly appreciate it.
For those of you who already did, Thank you!
Please help me grow my fan base and become a follower! I appreciate any and all support and hope to build a large platform before I finish my manuscript.
Thank you!

Isn't it spring?

Why? That's all I can say!

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I've read that once you

I've read that once you get published, you go from writer to author. I can't wait to make the transition!




Welcome to my Blog. I created this blog spot to help me fulfill my daily writing goal while I tirelessly work to rewrite my novel. Once I figure this thing out, get it looking somewhat decent, and understand everything on here, I will begin my daily writing. So in other words I'll be a while ;-)
With 2 kids ages 3 and 2 and working part time in the evenings, it is hard to find time to write. So my goal is to update daily and I hope to start this weekend.