Thursday, April 16, 2009


I've decided to post my query since a few people have asked what my novel is about. The query is a quick, one page letter that describes the major plots and characters along with the obsticles in their way. Here is my first query:

When Cyrilla is sentenced to death for using her magic to help her one and only love, Muerek, she is ripped from her sheltered farm life and thrown into a powerful role that hasn’t been filled in two hundred seasons. Those with magic are living freely in Treandle, and if the King finds out, the peaceful island of Tribidor will once again breakout into civil war. Now Cyrilla must learn to cope with the overwhelming responsibilities of being High Speaker while struggling with the loss of Muerek. With the help of Lady Anarissa and Oren, Cyrilla learns to use her gift as she races to help prepare the city for imminent war.

Meanwhile, Muerek, whose love for Cyrilla is shattered by the discovery of her magic, embarks on a journey to discover the truth about those with the gift. After rescuing an innocent baby from a life of desolation, and saving a group of children sentenced to death by the king, Muerek discovers the truth about and the containment camps. His lifelong beliefs will forever be changed, ultimately deciding which side he will fight for.
Treandle, my first novel of 85,000 words, will take young adults on a girl’s journey to self-discovery and the struggles of two people in love in a world that forbids it. The scene will be set for a war that will resurrect a struggle two hundred harvest seasons old which will commence in book two.


  1. I like this! I can't wait to read the final copy.