Sunday, February 28, 2010

Revising WIP...again.

I am currently taking the How To Revise Your Novel (HTRYN) by Holly Lisle //

Each week a new lesson is presented, and currently there are fourteen lessons out. I'm on number five. It took me seven weeks just to get through the first one. I found it extremely helpful, and enjoyed diving into my neglected WIP again.

That first lesson was extremely in-depth, requiring a thorough reading while analyzing every single word. As I completed the final sentence of this lesson, a great sense of accomplishment filled me. Whew, now I can move on to something different, get my muse juice flowing again.

As I opened lesson two and read what was required, I couldn't help the disappointment that caused my body to sag. Another deep reading!

After trying to convince myself over and over that I was just really busy with "life" as a way to rationalize the reason the lesson wasn't even started, I came to the conclusion that I needed to skip it. I don't want to just give up when the work is something I don't think necessary.

I felt like lesson two could have been combine with lesson one. Why not look for some extra information WHILE you are doing the thorough reading, rather than having to do it all over again. Either that, or put the lesson later on in the course, so students don't get burnt out in the first two weeks.

So I skipped and went on to lesson three, which I really enjoyed. Lesson four proved difficult as I wasn't really able to find anything "missing or broken" with my plot and subplots. Am I being ignorant? I'd like to think that the fact that I'm not finding any issues is because I have edited this manuscript at least seven times and I've been working on it for two years. So all those issues were resolved many revisions ago, but believe me, there were plenty back then.

Motto of this blog: do what works best for you. Don't give up just because something gets hard or you don't feel like it. Either move on and be confident in the decision, or feel free to go back to it later.

Not sure which I will do yet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodbye Facebook, hello Blogspot!

I've been MIA. Facebook stole me away from everything important to me, including my writing.

I've realized that in my normal job, I push myself hard, taking the initiative to do anything and everything I can, and striving to be the best that I can. It makes me feel good to it. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride it being my best, no matter what I have to do to get there.

So why can't I do that with my personal goals? I always come up with an excuse, it's so easy to do. Yet, accomplishing those goals will make the sense of accomplishment and pride a million times better because the goals are so much more personal.

What am I doing different with my professional life? There seems to be no choice when it comes to what needs to be done. I thrive on pressure, being busy and making my mind learn and grow.

So all I need to do is transfer that to my personal goals and life. From now on, when I set a goal, I will decide if it is a necessity. If it is, then I will apply those characteristics that make my professional life thrive, towards my personal goal. Doing that, I will accomplish that goal in no time, and I will constantly be full of pride and joy with every aspect of my life.

I already have a few goals that are necessary, and yes, one major goal is finishing my first novel and getting an agent. Another is regularly posting to this blog.

Starting immediately, I will apply my professional attributes towards my personal goals.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Update

Hi All -
As promised, I am sending a weekly update.

So many great things happening over on twitter. If you're new to the publishing world, you really should start tweeting. There are a lot of agents, editors, authors, book sellers and so much more handing out free advice and words of encouragement.

I've recently discovered google reader, seriously the best thing ever! I struggled to keep up with all the blogs I subscribe to and many of them do not offer email updates. But google reader puts all your blogs in one, easy to manage, location. That got me thinking, there's got to be a blackberry app that will do the same thing. So I searched and found viigo. It's fantastic because you can load all your blogs straight from google reader.

Blogs are a lifeline these days. The publishing industry is currently in an upheaval. Things are changing, people are scared, others seem to embrace it, but no one knows for sure the outcome. Only time will tell. If you want to be a writer, you've got to know the industry. Read agent, editor and author blogs for helpful insight.

Next week's post will have links to new or useful information. But for now, there are plenty of links on the sidebar.

Have a happy weekend!
AJ Richardson, Writer - check out my blog @

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog update

I am still trying to figure this thing out, but I am definatley getting better.
I am going to start posting to my blog every Friday. The posts will usually be something useful to help other writers or perhaps links to other useful sites.
I'll try my hardest to be consistent!
Thanks for reading!
AJ Richardson, Writer - check out my blog @

Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing with kids

There's a great post at QueryTracker about writing with kids. Check it out for some great suggestions to keep writing even while the kids are at home.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's officially done! Sorry I've been MIA for awhile now, but I was working hard on getting the novel finished. I have begun the query process and will soon start the next project. Debating on doing book two or something new...

I think before I commit myself to another writing project, I'm going to really focus on my blog. I have not been consistant, and I don't really know everything blogging. So I am going to try and learn more and then make it look nice and polished. Then I'll pick a day of the week to post consistantly.

Also need to work on getting people here to actually read what I write.
I am going to provide useful links and information for writers trying to break into the industry, just like me!

So here I go...working to build a platform like all the blogs and books I read say to do. Hope it works.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Got the manuscript back from the editor ;o) and working through the edits. Posted a rough draft of my query letter on the public slush pile, have a few scenes down on paper for book two, work part time, mother of two under the age of four, wife and trying to exercise. Trying to find time for everything is like trying to ride rollerblades on ice. Is can be done, but one wrong push of the foot and you're lunch for the road.

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