Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi all -
I'm so sorry I've been on hiatus for so long, but the tonsillectomy/adenoinectomy has been brutal. I want to say I am feeling better but ever minute is different. I am trying to back off the pain meds because when I first started taking them I would really get messed, but not so much anymore. I'm afraid that's a sign that I'm getting use to them, and I don't want that.
The good news is I've lost 9lbs so far, yeah! The bad news is I've neglected my writing. I've just started my re-writes again, finished chapter 18 last night, hoping to do done by the end of the month.
The contest is still on, I promise! I want to do it when I can actually create some excitement about it. Right now I am blah. So please keep following, it will happen before the end of the month. Maybe a memorial day thing, that sounds good.

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