Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had a dream last night, this what the scene looked like:

A small circular lake sat buried below a four foot cliff wall surrounding the entire perimeter. Sporadic three foot holes lined the walls, some level with the top of the lake, others half way under, water rushing through them and down the dark unknown. An enormous waterfall fell from a large cliff ten feet away, but landed in the lake due to the height and force of its fall. It replenished the continous drain of water that leaked out through the holes. Vines and trees littered the land above the cliff.

There was no way out of the lake to the safe ground above.I finally gave into my only option and held on desperately to a small log found pushed up against the wall by the current. Taking a deep breath, praying for a safe journey and cursing my luck at being stuck in such a predicament, I pushed off from the rock wall. For a few minutes the current pushed my log in a frenzied circle and I began to think I would spend eternity spinning sickeningly round and round, trapped in the warm water. Finally, after I almost gave up on the harebrained idea, the current released me to my dire fate.

I like where this is going, to be continued...Wireless BlackBerry

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