Saturday, March 28, 2009

What I learned at the write-a-thon

So I'm sitting here, aggresively attacking what I hope is my final re-write, and meeting other writers. What am I learning, one might ask? Well it seems the common theme hear amongst those who have MFAs or extensive schooling in creative writing is, they no longer enjoy writing. So much of their time has been spent writing what teachers want, worrying about when something is due, and producing a powerful and strong thesis, that they no longer give the power of their mind to the muse.
My take, I'll stick with no schooling, continue to read and research, love the fact that ideas continue to flow, and flourish and thrive from writing!
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  1. When do you find the time to write with the kids and working full time?

    I really love being able to have a sneak preview :)

  2. When they are sleeping, which means I stay up all night ;-)