Saturday, June 6, 2009

Traveling to San Diego!

For my son's second birthday, we decided to go to San Diego. What better place than where my husband and I both grew up. I work for an airline, so we travel for free, my in-laws live there so we have a place to stay, and all my friends and sister still live there.
Preparing is a job that I do mostly, my husband works days and I work nights, but I find more time for these sorts of things. Not only do I need all the clothes and essentials for an extended trip, but we need toys and snacks to hopefully keep the kds happy. Now the airline I work for is awesome so we get free tv in every seat and all the snacks you want.
My Dad went with us and our flight left @ ten-twenty-five so we had to get up around six-thirty and leave around eight, early for my kids!
Luckily the plane was not full and we got a whole row to ourselves so we didn't disturb other passengers. I thought I'd be funny and stick my husband wit our two kids, both boys, one three and the other was turning two, on one side of the plane and I sat with my Dad on the other. Of course the three year old passes out ten minutes into the flight, but the other one want to see mommy. Really he wanted to run around the airplane.
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